“Focus on the tourist”, four words that encapsulate the philosophy of Cooperativa Bagnini di Cervia, particularly when it comes to tourists with special needs.

Because enabling everyone, irrespective of their diversities, to enjoy the beaches of Cervia, the sea, the sun and the wellbeing, as is their undeniable right, is the only way forward for the beaches of Cervia. Providing the best services with a close eye on the most needy. This is the basis for the BEST (Beaches accessibility and security improvement) project financed by the Region of Emilia Romagna as part of the ERNST (European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism) plan coordinated by the Province of Ravenna in partnership with Cooperativa Spiagge Ravenna and Cooperativa Bagnini Cervia (in association with the Municipality of Ravenna and Cervia Lions Club Ravenna Romagna Padusa). The goal is to make the beaches truly accessible, particularly for people with special needs, through concrete measures aimed at increasing the scope of users to enjoy the entire beach, including the sea.

Tourists with special needs will feel safe on these beaches. They can book a beach, a beach wheelchair and a physiotherapist in advance for a complete service. The importance of these instruments cannot be underplayed. Trained specialist staff so you can enjoy the sea and sand; special chairs that enable you to move across the sand and in the water; reserved car parks, wooden walkways with special paths, bathroom facilities and suitable spaces. Cervia has introduced these instruments over the years, purchasing an environmentally-friendly vehicle for transportation, making it possible to enjoy places that were previously quite inaccessible, such as the free beach, and providing the safety towers with more equipment.