To receive this award, a series of child-friendly requisites must be met, including: transparent and shallow water close to the shore, clean sand for building sandcastles, lifesaving services to guarantee safety, safe and pleasant games areas, and the presence of ice-cream shops, pizzerias, bars and sports facilities in the immediate vicinity. Beaches must therefore be comfortable and provide certain facilities, but above all they must be safe and “versatile”, offering a range of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

The Cervia Riviera also passed all of the tests in previous years in which a certain level of sophistication was required, together with uncontaminated beaches, Blue Flag status, and efficient and comprehensive tourist facilities. Cervia and its resorts have vaunted Green Flag status for several years now, underlining the child-friendly nature of the area and the particular focus, empathy, affection, consideration and care it shows its younger guests. As if to underline the importance of children and families to our resorts, this year Cervia has created a calendar of events, courses, activities and play areas all dedicated to our youngest guests and their families. Confirming the suitability and healthiness of the Italian seaside for children, the 100 towns awarded Green Flag status are distributed all over the country. Eight beaches were chosen in Emilia Romagna, putting our region third in the national league table.

Outdoor fun for children and parents alike, clean sand on which children can walk and play, space between the beach umbrellas to build sandcastles, shallow water, lifeguard services to swim safely, and top-quality facilities: these are the valuable ingredients that contribute to the success of our beaches.


“For us, being awarded Green Flag status is confirmation and recognition of the highly competitive package we are able to offer tourists, one that has improved over time,” comments Mayor of Cervia, Luca Coffari. “Thanks to the important activities of our entrepreneurs and the hard work of Cooperativa Bagnini, our beaches are the jewel in the crown of our resorts. Boasting certified child-friendly facilities also means being able to satisfy the most demanding of guests – families – and meeting their requirements to the best of our abilities.”

“Cervia’s beaches are 95% tailored to families,” explains Danilo Piraccini, chairman of Cooperativa Bagnini di Cervia, “because the beaches of today, with all their facilities, are a legacy of the incredible colonies that began hosting children over a hundred years ago on beaches that were perfectly suited to them with their fine sand, safe water, gently descending seabed, and sun for developing, curing and strengthening them physically. The number of facilities has grown over time to make our beaches ideal for families and places where children are the most important tourists. It is worth underlining that our safety standards are amongst the highest in Europe. But we can improve even further by creating dedicated pathways leading to the beach, pathways connected with the town.”