Connect free of charge to WiFi Galileo

 Nowadays, Internet is the biggest means of mass communication.
Its spread has led to a universal change in socio-economic relations.
As well as allowing us to acquire and exchange information more quickly than in the past, online communications open up the path to a whole world of experiences that were not possible before.

Galileo stemmed from this interpretation of the change we are witnessing..

Galileo will enable tourists on the beaches of Cervia to access the internet and will be the main channel used by the riviera’s tourism and business sectors.
By correctly identifying themselves, all of the town’s tourists will be able to access the wireless system using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets..

Fibre Optics

The Galileo project is possible thanks to next-generation fibre optic connections. Optical fibres are flexible and immune to electrical disturbances and the most extreme weather conditions, characteristics that make it possible to send infinite quantities of data and information along them in an instant.


The Wi-Fi zone was developed by installing hot spots directly in the beach establishments. This guarantees coverage from the shore to the seafront. The authentication system is configured in such a way that the user can remain connected right the way along the 9 km of beach.


The authentication system enables every guest to access the Wi-Fi zone using a personalised card and a customisable Captive Portal. Thanks to the registration process, this system guarantees the recognition of the guest’s accesses while complying with legislation as regards the protection of privacy.